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As the one year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death  approaches, NewsOne has compiled a time line of the events that ensued directly after his death and the controversy surrounding his death up until now. Readers can take a look back at all the headlines from one year ago.

JUNE 2009:

June 26: Meet MJ’s Doctor: Conrad Murray

June 26: Debbie Rowe May Get Custody Of Jackson Children

June 27:  Lawyer For Doctor: Jackson Had A Pulse When Found

June 27: Jackson’s Comeback Tour To Become Tribute Concert

June 29: Michael Jackson’s Will Surfaces

June 30: Public Memorial Planned For Jackson At Neverland

June 30:  Debbie Rowe Was Not MJ’s Lover, The Kids Are Not His Sons

June 30: Michael Jackson Kept Dad Out Of Will

As the news breaks about MJ’s death, the public scrambles to find any information regarding the circumstances of his death and the issue of Michael’s will arises.

JULY 2009:

July 1: Jackson’s Will To Be Filed In Court Today

July 1: Fans Gather For Apollo Theater’s Jackson Memorial

July 1: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sharpton, Spike Honor MJ At Apollo

July 1: Jackson Has Top Three Albums Of The Week

July 1: MJ’s Will Cuts Out Ex-Wife, Names Diana Ross Back Up Guardian

July 2: DEA Joins Police In Michael Jackson Death Probe

July 6: Millions Tweet For MJ Memorial Tickets

July 6: Judge Gives Control of MJ’s Estate To Lawyer Not Mother

July 7: GALLERY: Michael Jackson Memorial Service

July 8: GOP Opposes Resolution Honoring Michael Jackson

July 8: Doctor Denies Giving Jackson Dangerous Drugs

July 8: Coroner Still Has MJ’s Brain

July 8: VIDEO: Times Square Farewell For MJ

July 9: Michael Jackson’s Final Resting Place A Mystery

July 9: VIDEO: At Jackson Family Home, A Shrine Grows

July 10: LAPD: Michael Jackson’s Drug History To Be Probed

July 10: VIDEO: Joe Jackson Suspects Foul Play In MJ’s Death

July 10: Joe Jackson Will Attend MJ Memorial Service In Gary, Indiana

July 13: La Toya Jackson Says MJ Was Murdered

July 14: Michael Jackson’s Estate Open For Business

July 16: UPDATE: MJ’s Death Not Being Investigated As Homicide

July 16: New Michael Jackson Video Game Is In Development

July 21: VIDEO: Joe Jackson Denies Beating Michael, “Jackson 3″ Rumors

July 22: Feds Raid MJ’s Doctor’s Office

July 24: MJ’s Doctor Is The Target Of A Manslaughter Investigation

July 27: Jackson Family Attorney Speaks On Custody And Estate

July 28: Source: Doctor Gave MJ Injection Before He Died

July 28: DEA Searched MJ’s Doctor’s Home

July 30: Katherine Jackson Will Get Full Custody Of MJ’s Kids

July 31: EXCLUSIVE: The FULL Joe Jackson Interview

Throughout the month of July, the contents of MJ’s will are revealed, upsetting several of his family members. People begin to speculate the cause of his death. Michael’s doctor Conrad Murray is accused of  killing Michael. Thousands of fans grieve his death.

AUGUST 2009:

August 3: MJ’s Dermatologist Objects To Katherine Jackson Getting Custody Of MJ’s Kids

August 5: Joe Jackson Won’t Help Raise MJ’s Kids

August 5: Michael Jackson Movie Is In The Works

August 8: Report: Michael Jackson’s Toxicology Report Shows Lethal Amount Of Propofol

August 10: Godfather To MJ’s Kids Says He’s Biological Father Of Paris

August 11: 3-D Michael Jackson Movie Will Be Released In October

August 17: Joe Jackson Says MJ Will Be Buried In L.A. On His Birthday

August 18: Katherine Jackson May File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against MJ’s Doctor

August 18: Dr. Conrad Murray: I Have Faith The Truth Will Prevail

August 21: Godfather To MJ’s Kids Says He Donated Sperm Because MJ Found Sex Difficult

August 24: Coroner Rules MJ’s Death A Homicide

August 29: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL: NewsOne’s Full Coverage

August 30: Thousands Celebrate MJ At Spike Lee-Sponsored Birthday Bash

August 31: Joe Jackson: “Someone Should Pay” For Michael’s Death

In the month of August controversy sparks about MJ’s kids and family members struggle with being the topic of discussion in the media. Statements are released pertaining to a movie being made in Michael’s honor.

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September 1: Joe Jackson: “I Didn’t Know Michael Was Taking Drugs”

September 3: Michael Jackson To Be Buried Tonight

September 4: VIDEO: Inside Michael Jackson’s Funeral

September 11: MJ’s First Recording Unearthed

September 29: MJ “This Is It” Film Breaks Advance Ticket Sales Records

Joe Jackson still continues to make claims about the death of his son and tickets for Michael’s move go on sale in September.


October 1: Autopsy Reveals Michael Jackson Was Healthy

October 8: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Facing Arrest

October 13: Michael Jackson Nominated For “Artist Of The Year” AMA

October 14:  Michael Jackson’s Kids To Star In Reality Show

October 28: Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Premieres Worldwide

MJ’s doctor gets arrested and Mj’s kids get a chance to show the public how they are dealing with the death through talks of a reality show.


November 16: Janet Jackson Says She Blames Conrad Murray For MJ’s Death

November 17: LA Pushes To Be Repaid $3 Million For Michael Jackson’s Funeral

November 18: Joe Jackson Says Michael Jackson’s Will Was Forged

November 18: Man Whose Son Accused MJ Of Molestation Found Dead

November 23: Michael Jackson Wins 4 Awards At AMAs

Although the initial shock of MJ’s death has worn off, members of the Jackson family still struggle with the death and make several accusations.


December 22: The FBI Investigated Michael Jackson For Child Molestation

December 24: Documentary On MJ Doctor Conrad Murray Planned

More investigations take place in the month of December to uncover more details about Michael’s past.


January 8: Source: DA To Seek Indictment Of Jackson Doctor

January 26: Michael Jackson Dolls To Hit UK Shops

Michael is honored by having his own doll and his doctor still struggles as he is accused of killing Michael.


February 3: BREAKING: Doc To Be Charged For Michael Jackson’s Manslaughter Today

February 8: UPDATE: Conrad Murray Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For MJ’s Death

February 9: Joe Jackson: Murray “A Fall Guy” In Bigger MJ Death Conspiracy

February 10: Autopsy Reveals Michael Jackson Had Vitiligo

February 10: OPINION: Will Conrad Murray Face Jail Time For Killing MJ?

February 12: New “We Are The World” Song Will Feature Michael Jackson

February 15: Source Reveals How Jackson Children Are Coping

As the trial of MJ’s doctor takes place in February, many questions are raised on whether or not Murray will end up in jail.

MARCH 2010:

March 16: Michael Jackson Estate Signs Historic Contract With Sony

March 23: Witness: MJ’s Doctor Stopped CPR To Hide Drug Vials

March 27: Skin Whitening Creams Found In Michael Jackson’s Home

Further investigation of MJ’s home reveals details surround his death.

APRIL 2010:

April 5: Dr. Conrad Murray’s Defense: MJ Killed Himself

April 5: MJ Fans Rally Outside Conrad Murray Manslaughter Hearing

April 6: New Judge Delays Decision On Conrad Murray’s Medical License

April 28: Katherine Jackson Kicks Grandkids Out Of Her House

In the month of April, more issues arise on Conrad Murray’s manslaughter case and MJ’s kids struggle to cope with staying at their grandmother’s house.

MAY 2010:

May 3: Joe Jackson Says MJ Wasn’t Gay Despite What His Doctor Said

Joe Jackson still continues to publicly grieve over his son.

JUNE 2010:

June 10: Joe Jackson Blames AEG For Sending Michael Jackson To An Early Grave

June 14: Jackson’s Doctor Fighting To Keep Medical License

June 15: MJ And Aretha Franklin Inducted Into Apollo Theater Hall Of Fame

June 21: MJ’s Estate Has Generated Over $1 Billion Since His Death

June 23: Joe Jackson Said MJ’s Doc Was In Strip Club Drinking Before MJ Died

Joe Jackson continues to attempt to accuse anyone for the death of his son. Michael gets some recognition by being inducted into the Apollo Hall Of Fame.