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Glenn Beck is continuing to try and rewrite history to fit his warped ideology. On his radio show he was talking about race relations and American history and talked about some examples that showed that American race relations were “moving on the right track” before the lead up to the Civil War where “it became politicized, and it was all about slavery.” Beck’s examples hardly counter the brutality and dehumanization and oppression of slavery and it seems he is making a neo-confederate argument. Here’s his statement:

Glenn: Tonight you will see that… I’ll show you clippings from the newspaper of the war heroes as they were buried with full honors from the Revolutionary War, where they were getting full benefits. I will show you, I held in my hand the, umm, uh, the statement on, uh, benefits from George Washington. It was the last thing he did as the general and it was this, these are our benefits for the troops there was no delineation between white and black. It was white/black it didn’t matter. If you fought there was nothing like that from our founders. And when you see the newspaper clippings of African Americans who fought heroically and received full military honors and were buried at such and such. You see, I’m going to give you a piece of a sermon that was preached at the first real megachurch, it was a white and black megachurch. The preacher at one point wanted to separate and say, “Heh, let’s just do a black church”. The congregation of this church, both white and black, said, “Why? Why would we separate ourselves?” The things that have happened in this country, where it really started to go wrong, was in the lead up to the civil war. And it became politicized, and it was all about slavery. Before then we were moving on the right track, you’ll learn things tonight you’ve never, ever learned before and you’ll ask yourself, “Why?”


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