George Bush has one more month left in his presidency but a lifetime left of stupid, funny moments. Sometimes he was trying to be funny and he wasn’t and other times he was trying to be serious and was funny here’s Bush’s worst funny moments on video.

10. Here’s Bush Dancing Like He Thinks Africans Dance

9. Here’s More of Bush Dancing

8. Here’s Bush Trying to Get Out The Wrong Door in a Testy Press Conference

7. Here’s Bush Joking About Finding WMDs

6. Here’s Bush Giving The Prime Minister of Germany an Unwanted Massage

5. Here’s Bush Singing About Pardoning Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney Withholding Documents

4. Watch World Leaders Refuse To Shake Bush’s Hands

3. Watch Bush Give The Camera The Finger

2. Watch a Compilation of Bush’s Gaffes

1. Watch The Shoe Throwing Incident

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