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This has to be one of the most embarrassing stains to come on the White House since the President took office. A loyal non-racial employee is fired for talking about all people loving each other and coming together. Yet Shirley Sherrod was fired for being just that—a peace maker.

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Ms. Sherrod was fired not based on being a racist, but for a 2 minute clip on fox news from a blog post by Andrew Breitbart. What kind of government do we have that reacts from a 2 minute clip? In fact this government got so mad that Ms. Sherrod was forced to pull over and give her resignation over a blackberry phone. I have to ask this government is Fox News your DADDY? Over and over again this administration has reacted to a clearly right winged media outlet that has been nothing more than divisive and the main perpetrators of hate and race baiting of all Americans.

The White House is saying that they had no idea that Tom Vilsack was going to fire Ms. Sherrod. To that I say bull crap. This government knew and if they didn’t know that’s even worse. Either way if this administration has any testicle fortitude they will do the right thing here and say they were wrong.

As an American and as a voter I must say this is one of the most disappointing events I have seen since this administration has taken office. This is truly a teachable moment for us all. IF THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT FIX THIS, IT IS CLEAR TO ME THAT FOX IS THIS GOVERNMENT’S DADDY!!

I plead to this administration to do the right thing, admit you made a mistake, and give Ms. Sherrod her job back. Since we are talking about doing the right thing Mr. President, you should fire Tom Vilsack and make sure all the Black farmers who proved in court that America discriminated against them get their money.

Mr. President you are a great man, now be the great leader I know you are and do the right thing. I once heard a great man say, “I am not going to be perfect I am going to make mistakes but I promise you when I do make a mistake I will do my best to fix it.” Well Mr. President do the right thing here and fix it.


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