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What if LeBron James led the Miami Heat to an NBA championship next year, but during the course of the season he also killed 7 people in a hold up, exposed himself to a high school cheerleading team, hijacked and airplane and interrupted Taylor Swift as she received an Oscar.

Would this affect how we viewed his on-court performance?

Well, it’s using this logic that the best president ever becomes The Best President Ever.

He was the first President that I knew, elected during the year of my birth.

He completed JFK’s quest to put a man on the moon.

He opened up diplomatic relations to The People’s Republic of China.

He ended the Vietnam War.

As far as being The President was concerned, he was great!

But it’s when people get around to trying to judge the morals of others, that many judges found this man lacking. Yet many of the people that hated him the most vocally remained able to appreciate him up close.

“There is still serious doubt in my mind that he could pass for Human”, Hunter S. Thompson once wrote about this President. But even Thompson left impressed by this President’s knowledge of pro football.

This President killed The Black Panthers dead.

Shot Fred Hampton through the head.

Started the path that would lead to Bobby Seale becoming a professor (sometimes), Huey Newton becoming a junkie and Eldridge Cleaver, sadly, remaining himself.

But this President shot white kids too, as anybody that attended Kent State can attest.

He was an equal opportunity hater of young people.

He was the President during Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, Gordon Parks’ Shaft, and James Baldwin’s No Name in the Street.

And as the Tea Party is to Barack Obama, the Democratic Party to him. He hated those people worse than the N-Words (which he used) or the original believers in the God of Abraham (which he feared and loathed).

So I almost can’t blame him for wanting to snoop around the Democratic offices in the Watergate Hotel and find out what those people were up to.

Richard Milhous Nixon wasn’t trying to lose.

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