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A month ago, alumni and administration officials at Fayetteville State University were angered over the appearance by several university cheerleaders in a music video done by popular rap artist and Fayetteville native J. Cole. Here’s the statement from FSU Chancellor Dr. James:

“I am writing our alumni to assure you that the university was unaware that this whole scenario was unfolding,” (FSU Chancellor Dr. James) Anderson says in his letter. “After talking to several individuals we have learned that the FSU employee who directs the cheerleaders gave them permission to participate in the video and to wear the Bronco uniforms. Her intention was to provide positive PR for the campus. She previewed a brief trailer (30 seconds) that was provided by the producer as did our general counsel and the athletic director, but the trailer did not include the presentation of the cheerleaders as they would appear in the full video. Moreover, they were led to believe that the cheerleaders would be used in the clean video only.”

Anderson said the three people involved “exhibited poor judgment” by not reviewing the entire video and getting a signed statement from the producer that FSU would only be used in the clean version.

All requests for marketing or advertising are supposed to go through the vice chancellor for advancement, which didn’t happen in this case, Anderson said.

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See video below for J.Cole’s response:

Here’s the original version of the video:

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