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We at Newsone wanted to provide our readers with what we feel are the important government websites you should know about. These are the websites that were launched since the Obama Administration came into office.

Take a look for yourself and read through these because they contain a lot of important information.


The government website where you can go and find which private insurance plans, public programs and community services are available to you.


This is the U.S. Federal Government’s official website  that provides easy access to date about the U.S. Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus) which President Obama signed last fall.


The government website created by First Lady Michelle Obama to help combat childhood obesity. The goal of this effort is to have children eat healthier, so when they reach adulthood, they do so with a healthy weight.


A website where you can find programs and grants to help your business start, grow and succeed.


The site provides the public with information on the response, current operations, news and updates, how to file a claim and obtain other assistance, and links to federal, state and local partners.