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by Kevin Powell

Yesterday was our first day in New York State Supreme Court in the case of Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns versus Kevin Powell. In court instead of on the streets where two Democratic Congressional candidates and their staffers belong just six weeks from the Tuesday, September 14th Democratic Primary Election. In court instead of at a candidate forum or debate discussing critical issues for Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional district like jobs, small business development, educational reform, or how we can stem the tide of violence in huge chunks within our community.

Congressman Ed Towns is clearly hiding behind this lawsuit because it is abundantly clear he does not want to campaign this summer. Nor does he trust democracy, nor the very people he has been representing for 27 long years. If Mr. Towns did, then he would not be wasting taxpayers’ money on a flimsy attempt at proving my campaign does not have enough signatures to be on the ballot.

But we do. Mr. Towns’ own team, led by attorney Bernard Alter, admitted as much via their own evidence. Of our 8,200 or so petition signatures gathered, Mr. Alter submitted over 2,800 as valid, giving us 2.5 times what is required (1,250) to be on the ballot. This is a far cry from Mr. Towns going on record in the media yesterday saying our petitions were the “sloppiest” he had ever seen. If that were truly the case, and it is not, why would the Board of Elections approve of our petitions in the first place, and why did Mr. Alter say just the other day that Kevin Powell for Congress 2010 had “quite an operation.”

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