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You’ve probably heard by now that Michelle Obama is out of touch, apathetic, or simply selfish for taking a four-day jaunt to Spain to show her daughter some culture. Andrea Tantaros over at the New York Post spent a lot of time on Thursday penning an editorial accusing Obama of being a “modern-day Marie Antoinette”—tone-deaf to the economic suffering on the home front by taking a lavish foreign vacation. The most scandalous part, apparently, is the cost. The Obamas booked a rumored block of 60 rooms at a fancy Spanish hotel apparently akin to the Four Seasons.

We checked with the White House for a price breakdown of the trip, looking for a smoking gun. And honestly, there isn’t one. The bulk of the trip—the hotel stay and all meals—were paid for by the Obamas and their close friends who joined them. “Any additional footprint,” says a White House aide, “including additional rooms needed for security support, falls under the same rules as have applied to any previous first-family travel: the costs are split appropriately, with private expenses paid for privately; government expenses are paid for by the government.”

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