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Recently, two privileged girls have made the news by turning to prostitution and pornography.

To many, the sight of Maia Campbell and Montana Fishburne being turned into prostitutes is disturbing. But what is even more troubling are the thousands of young women who aren’t famous, yet turn to prostitution out of the belief that it will bring them just that.

Montana Fishburne is the daughter of famous actor Laurence Fishburne, and Maia Campbell is a child star who appeared on the 90’s LL Cool J show “In The House.” Despite having everything in their favor, both women managed to go down the wrong road; a road where they are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous men.

Earlier this year, Campbell first made the news when she was caught on camera singing incoherently and revealing her breasts. Rumors started spreading around that she was on drugs. Later, she appeared in another video where she was again high and spoke about being a prostitute. The clip also included her telling a man that she would receive a beating “if her real man saw this.”

While many don’t know what exactly happened to Campbell, the motives have been made clear by Fishburne’s daughter, Montana. Once news broke of her appearing in an adult film, Montana said: “I want to become famous off a sex-tape just like Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson.” But both of them had the excuses of their sex-tapes being “private recordings” that somehow leaked.

Montana’s friends and family claim that the person responsible for all this is her boyfriend Jeremy Greene. He has been accused of beating and pimping her on “the track” before introducing her to porn. Montana’s friend has also claimed that her relationship with Greene led to her family cutting her off.

In his own twisted world, Jeremy Greene is proud of being a pimp. While in Hip Hop circles pimping may be cool, in the real world pimps are people who prey on women with issues and exploit them. Pimps often abuse women both physically and psychologically to keep them in submission. Many claim that the spots seen in the adult film on Montana’s butt are burns. If so, the abuse is reaching a dangerous point despite Montana denying those claims.

Both Maia and Montana are deeply troubled individuals. Rather than getting the help they need, they’re now surrounded by men who do nothing but prey. Many in urban culture sadly choose to glorify and emulate pimps like Bishop Magic Don Juan and Pimping Ken when they shouldn’t.

It’s a shame what happened to Maia Campbell and Montana Fishburne, but it’s a greater shame that this happens to young, troubled girls all over the world on a daily basis. While some people may blame their parents, mental issues or the girls themselves, the men who exploit them are the primary offenders.

Prostitution is seen as something that affects poor people, immigrants and drug addicts. We live in a world where women are degraded and treated as sex objects far too often. Maybe if Montana Fishburne had more self esteem she would take acting classes and work hard as an artist to achieve her fame, rather than taking the quick way to infamy with a porno flick.

In order to prevent more cases like Maia and Montana, families must spend more time with their children. Women who don’t have father figures often turn to pimps who fulfill that role. When women believe their only value to society is sexual, they become easy to exploit by pimps and porn pushers. We need to fix that as a people.

The media loves to see famous people fall and degrade themselves, which is why these two have received so much attention. Rather than providing guidance to these women, and using them as examples to learn from, web sites have just put them to shame and further exploited them.

In the end, Montana and Maia are Black girls lost who need our support and not condemnation and ridicule. To date, no one in the entertainment community has offered a word of support for them publicly. Their examples should lead to discussions on Black female self esteem and ways we can keep all of our daughters off the track, the pole and pornographic films.


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