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One of the easiest ways to speak to other BlackPlanet members is by going to the group page and looking for groups that spark your interest. You can also create your own group and invite others to join your newly formed group. I will start by listing four of the most popular Schools and Education groups.

Smart & Educated Black women

The group boasts more than 40,000 members, which makes sense since the group is catering to smart and educated Black women.

Black Planet Journalists

Having 30,000 plus BP members proves that we have many people who have an interest in writing, so why not check them out?

Black History As Told By Us

This is a group for all to visit. Where youth and elders can come together to learn about some of the many amazing black figures as told by you. Tell us what you know and make us proud. Add on to others insights

Black Teachers of Black Planet United

This group is designed for BlackPlanet’s Education Professionals. Here we can discuss our workday, vent, provide advice, share lesson plans, discuss policy changes and education related topics. The intended audience is classroom teachers, aspiring teachers, parents and citizenry concerned with solutions.

Do you have a group that should be featured? If so, contact me!

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