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As a man that plays the role of contrarian frequently—and often right here on this blog—I know the value of taking an extreme and opposing position just for the sake of argument.

I also realize that an argument, if well presented and phrased coherently, can sound convincing no matter how little sense it makes.

So if we were to believe what we’ve been hearing lately from our self-described “informed” brothers and sisters, then Barack Obama’s remaining Black enthusiasts are all simply blinded by the color of his skin and the man is, in all honesty:

1) a socialist

2) not Black enough

3) a front man/puppet

4) just like everybody else that’s ever been President

Sorry geniuses, but a socialist wouldn’t have signed off on the 70 billion dollar bank bailout.

As far as Obama’s “Blackness” is concerned, look at his wife! And that’s what kills me about Black people, how do we keep allowing people whose own “Blackness” is suspect to be the arbiters of ours? History has proven that it’s always the guy screaming about race or racism, guys like, say, Charles Barkley, Skip Gates or Omar Thornton, that practice a very interesting form of racism themselves when it comes to picking mates. As far as Obama being somebody’s “puppet”, Dick Gregory once wrote: “In many places, voting is a right. In Chicago, it’s a sport.”

The wise among us have always kept in mind that Barack Obama is a politician—even worse, a Chicago politician. We knew the guy would be a greasy slimeball from the word “go.” What we liked was the idea that he might be our greasy slimeball.

Those that advance the notion that Barack Obama has some unseen hand guiding his every move always fail to identify the owner of that hand. And what amazes me is that Obama haters, in all their anger, don’t even seem to appreciate how after eight fear and terror-plagued years, it’s totally liberating to only be angry again.

The bottom line is Obama’s got a way to go before he can truly be considered one of the great American presidents. He inherited two foreign wars and unemployment is hovering around 9.5%. If he can end at least one of those wars, however, a lot of people are gonna have to hush that fuss.

And lastly, for all the fools that claim that Obama is “just like everybody else that’s ever been President,” no he’s not you idiots.

He’s Black.

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