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Shirley Sherrod, the Agriculture Department employee forced to resign after an edited video clip gave the false impression that she had discriminated against a white farmer, is coming to Washington next week to meet with USDA officials to discuss the job they offered her in the wake of the scandal.

Sherrod, who has been quietly mulling Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s offer last week to make her the deputy director of the office of advocacy and outreach at the USDA — a definite promotion from her previous job as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the department — is set to meet with officials at the USDA on August 24, sources close to Sherrod tell Huffington Post.

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It is not clear if she will meet with Vilsack, whose apology she accepted in late July. Sherrod told CNN at the time: “I told him I appreciated the apology and I know that we need to move forward from here.”

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