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My buddy Ralph Drake sent out an e-mail of some information that he had picked up on’s web page.

It turns out that the Justice Department is all set to hire a group of Ebonics experts that would be able to decipher all the lose drug talk they pick up when they’re bugging certain Black people’s phones.

While I took my normal route and lamented that there would be yet another, newer, more insidious way to snitch with neither regard nor reward, an unexpected e-debate broke out between a male friend and a female friend.

My female friend was of the position that Ebonics is pure fiction. She maintained that the very idea of Ebonics is yet just another attempt to distance Blacks from the mainstream by suggesting that they way that we speak English strays so far from the norm that, in truth, it should be considered another language entirely.

My male friend chalked Ebonics up to Blacks’ inherent resistance to ever being totally conditioned by Europeans. He believes that Blacks created Ebonics intentionally as a continued rebellion, even if only a subtle one.

I have to admit, this wasn’t what I was expecting all that. I was expecting more commentary on the fact that the Justice Department is stooping so low.

I’m still trying to picture the guy that actually interviews for this gig!

So as usually, when a debate breaks out that catches me completely off guard, I was totally unprepared to take my own position and chose a side.

I’m still not going to do it with my e-friends. I’m just going to read all the arguments and stockpile all the points made just in case I should have to wade into this debate in the future from either perspective.

But I could always use more good points.

So what’s your opinion?

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