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Jared Shreeve, a lab assistant at Seven Kings High School in the United Kingdom tricked a student into wearing a chloroform-soaked mask.

Sayeda Rahman, 17, was persuaded to cover her face after being told there had been an oil spill in the school’s chemical storeroom and she needed to protect herself from the fumes.

But Jared Shreeve had doused the mask in chloroform – an anaesthetic which causes loss of consciousness and often leads to death if inhaled. After vomiting, the schoolgirl passed out and her pulse rate dropped to a dangerously low level before paramedics managed to revive her.

Jailing Shreeve for two and a half years yesterday, Judge William Kennedy told him: ‘Your good fortune was that the deadly chemical did not do its worst.

‘You deliberately took a risk with her that could have resulted in her death. This was a truly appalling, senseless and unfathomable risk to take with the life of a young woman.’

The reason for Shreeve’s plot to drug the sixth-former remains a mystery but there was no known sexual motive, Snaresbrook Crown Court in East London heard.

the deadly painkiller

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Miss Rahman was described as a bright student doing A-levels in chemistry, maths, sociology and Spanish when she was poisoned in July 2008.

She had asked to help prepare experiments with 41-year-old Shreeve, who had recently been promoted to senior lab technician at Seven Kings High School in Ilford, Essex, where he had worked for six years.

The pair had worked together for several weeks and got along well when Shreeve lured her into the storeroom on the pretence of helping him with a stocktake.

He said he had spilled oil in the room and she would need to use a protective substance to breathe safely.

He then applied a chemical to a mask from a brown bottle which he had marked ‘chemical odour neutraliser’.

The bottle actually contained chloroform, despite the school’s supplier saying it had never provided that to the chemistry department.

Shreeve instructed Miss Rahman to cover her face with the mask and pretended to pour the chemical on his own mask.

She quickly became dizzy and pulled the mask down, but he made her put it back on and added more chloroform.

Nathan Palmer, prosecuting, said: ‘Everything slowed down. She felt the room spinning and lost consciousness.’

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