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As everyone on Blackplanet knows, the Black Panther Free Breakfast Program was perhaps the most creative, ingenious, daring and visionary of all their initiatives.

It was also, despite the gun totting and the spouting of Constitutional rights like Founding Fathers with Tourettes, their most dangerous.

It was, after all, the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Program that FBI head J. Edgar Hoover labeled the “greatest threat to the internal security of the United States”


Amazing, huh?

Feeding little poor kids from the hood was a threat to national security.

Of course, the Panthers mixed in political theory, Black history in self-pride with the bowls of grits they passed around.

And of course they also knew, as most nutritionists can tell you, that not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but that kids that go without breakfast are often slower, more lethargic and have a harder time learning then their better fed contemporaries.

Personally, I’ve always believed one of the reasons that while an average IQ is 100, the average IQ of a person of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage is 116, isn’

t because Jews have less schooling, but because they have considerably more.

Jews have, in addition to their traditional American education, Hebrew school, where they learn about and take pride in their own culture.

The Free Breakfast Program was taking that route.

Now, conspiracy theorists amongst us will probably suggest that the reason that feeding little Black kids from the hood is so dangerous is because with more education, not only will little Black kids become less likely to strengthen the Prison-industrial complex, but also, with more education, it is likely that little Black kids will altogether lose interest in crap.

And America’s the world’

s greatest creator and exporter of crap.

Black intellectuals as diverse as Dick Gregory and Kwame Nkrumah have agreed that part of the neo-colonialist hustle is to keep the underclass not only earning pennies working brain-dead jobs, but also to keep them only interested in shinny toys and gadgets. The latest phone. The newest watch.

A generation of Black kids that had no interest at all in such nonsense and only wanted to rush the libraries for more and more copies of Invisible Man and The Fire Next Time would be astonishing.

But would it all get shut down again?

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