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My current Factotum-type night gig is in the service industry so when I saw Casey’s headline about the Domino’s Pizza receipt that said in writing, “Ni@@ers Don’t Tip”, I actually said audibly, “We don’t.”

I didn’t get around to actually reading the story until last night however and at that point there were 66 comments, all of which I read, which led me to understand that this was a very hot-button topic.

A few people agreed with the premise and a few disagreed. A few even touched upon what I believed to be the essence of why that statement printed on the receipt was true.

Read this study: Black diners more likely to link gratuity to service

Now, what I’m about to write might offend some people, but, what the hell? It won’t be the first time.

See, I’ve always been acutely aware of what all the Black stereotypes were and have worked diligently and tirelessly to be the bold face of the Black opposition.

Therefore, I’ve always:

1)   Stayed away from white girls

2)   Spoken clearly and correctly

3)   Read voluminously

I’ve also always tipped well. In fact, I can never think of a time when I didn’t tip. The worst I’ve ever done, and I remember that the service in this case was particularly horrendous, was leave $1 dollar as a symbolic gesture.

That dollar, I’m sure, was snatched up by my awful waiter and spent greedily, but it didn’t hurt me none (Ebonics alert!) to demonstrate how above his lacking work ethic my self-esteem soared.

And that’s the problem. Like it or not, as a race, we’re still a people with low self-esteem.

Whites think themselves Gods on earth and respond to service on their behalf with a sense of regal entitlement.

This almost compels them to demonstrate their grandiosity by lavishing a few lowly dollars on the poor soul that waits on them hand and foot.

Black people, on the other hand, seem to believe that if anybody’s working to serve them, there’s something wrong with the person doing the service.

This arouses our contempt.

Of course, none of this is true in every case. I’ve gotten some fantastic tips from Black people and there are some white people I wanted to spit on because they acted just like… well, what was that word Domino’s used again?

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