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A young woman, believed to be from Bosnia, is seen in video picking up puppies and throwing them into a rapidly moving river.

Even Cruella De Vil would be disgusted.

A young woman has become the focus of death threats and hate messages after video of her throwing live puppies into a river was recently posted online.

Her identity is unknown, but some have suggested she may be from Bosnia.



The disturbing video shows the young, blonde woman smiling as she picks several puppies out of a dirty bucket and viciously tosses them into a rapidly flowing river.

At one point, as the woman lobs a black-and-white pup into the water, she can clearly be heard saying, “whee.”

Online “investigators” have posted links to a YouTube page, as well as several Facebook profiles, accusing those people of being the girl or the person who filmed the video. It is unclear if the witch hunt has actually found those responsible, however.

The video was originally featured on YouTube, but has since been pulled because of its content.

This video is only the latest bit of animal cruelty captured on tape to spark outrage online. A woman in England was similarly hunted down and targeted for throwing a cat into a trash bin.

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