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Allhiphop is reporting the rapper, Mos Def will teaming up with NASA and astronaut, Leland Marvin to promote science and education in Oakland, California. The two will appear, along with singer Goapale at the Cabot Space and Science Center September 5th for a space, science and hologram presentation. Here is what Mos Def said of the event.

Leland Melvin and myself are working with the Instituting Science in Schools Program, sponsored by NASA and I’m just here to give the young people some inspiration, some positive encouragement and some good information about science, technology, creativity and discovery and how to use math, science and information to make a positive impact and changes on the world around us

NASA I.S.I.S Program with MosDef & Astronaut Leland Melvin from OpenLineMedia on Vimeo.


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