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College Football schedule.

Saturday Games of Note on College Football Schedule (Ranked Teams)

*San Jose State vs. No. 1 Alabama (7 p.m. EST on ESPN3)

*Miami (OH) vs. No. 4 Florida (12 p.m. EST on ESPN)

*No. 5 Texas vs. Rice (3:30 p.m. EST on ESPN)

*No. 24 Oregon State vs. No. 6 TCU (7:45 p.m. EST on ESPN)

*Utah State vs. No. 7 Oklahoma (7 p.m. EST)

*Western Kentucky vs. No. 8 Nebraska (7 p.m. EST)

*Eastern Illinois vs. No. 9 Iowa (12:05 p.m. EST on Big 10 Network)

*New Mexico vs. No. 11 Oregon (3:30 p.m. EST)

*No. 12 Wisconsin vs. UNLV (11 p.m. EST on Versus)

*South Carolina State vs. No. 16 Georgia Tech (1 p.m. EST on ESPN3)

*Tennessee Tech vs. No. 17 Arkansas (7 p.m. EST on ESPN3)

*No. 21 LSU vs. No. 18 North Carolina (8 p.m. EST on ABC)

*Youngstown State vs. No. 19 Penn State (12 p.m. EST on Big 10 Network)

*LA-Lafayette vs. No. 23 Georgia (12:21 p.m. EST on ESPN3)

*Coastal Carolina vs. No. 25 West Virginia (3:30 p.m. on ESPN3)

*Samford vs. No. 20 Florida State (12 p.m. EST on ESPNU)

*Arkansas State vs. No. 22 Auburn (7 p.m. EST on ESPN3)

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