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Joyce Hawkins says she was ‘misunderstood’ after tweeting ‘Michael Jackson died so that Chris Brown could live!!!’

Chris Brown’s Mom: “MJ Died So Chris Brown Could Live!”

Like son, like mother. Just as impertinent social media posts have often tripped up Chris Brown, his mother, Joyce Hawkins, set off a 140-character tempest this week with some provocative comments she made about her famous offspring’s musical hero.

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It all began on Tuesday, when Hawkins tweeted the phrase “Michael Jackson died so that Chris Brown could live!!!” The comment about the June 2009 death of Jackson has since been taken down, but not before it elicited a raft of harsh comments for Breezy’s mom.

It was especially puzzling given the singer’s avowed love for the late King of Pop, which was on display at the BET Awards earlier this year when Brown had a breakdown while performing during a tribute to Jackson.

After apparently being inundated with flames for her tweet, Hawkins released a statement to USA Today on Thursday in which she explained, “I’m so sorry that the tweet I sent yesterday was misunderstood. What I meant to say is that Chris has always been inspired by Michael Jackson’s music and his career.” She later tweeted, “I’m sorry I offended anyone. The statement meant Chris would carry on Michaels [sic] legacy.”

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