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They’ve got matching bags and uniforms, but these twins’ teachers will have no bother telling them apart. Marcia has a fair complexion, with blonde hair, like her mother, while Millie takes after her dad, who is of Jamaican origin.

As four-year-olds Marcie and Millie Biggs hold hands on their first day at primary school, it’s hard to believe that Britain’s unlikeliest twins were almost identical at birth.

But the differences soon became apparent. Blue-eyed Marcia has her mum’s fair complexion and golden brown hair, while Millie takes after Jamaican-born dad Michael. And today they will meet their classmates at Osborne Junior School, Erdington, Birmingham.

Mum Amanda, 42, said: “Everybody is always amazed by how beautiful they have both become, and people still just can’t believe they’re related, let alone sisters. I still get puzzled looks. Millie was more timid and clingy but in the last couple of years she’s come out of her shell a bit. Marcia is a bit bossier and more outgoing – a cheeky monkey.”

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The former Argos worker said people often don’t believe the pair are twins. “Even teachers at nursery refused to believe they were sisters,” said Amanda.

“Most parents can’t wait for their kids to go to school but I couldn’t stop crying because I’ve devoted my life to them.

“Millie will be more observant, but it will also take her longer to get to know people, whereas Marcia will go with the flow.”

Amanda and Michael, a panel beater, had been together 10 years when they conceived the girls through IVF treatment.


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