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Roland Martin talks to BJ Bernstein, the attorney for the two men who have filed a lawsuit against New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor, Bishop Eddie Long.

In this particular lawsuit Bernstein details Bishop Long sexually coerced the two young men as well as other young men related to the church. Roland asks Bernstein when did she become involved in this case and when are the plaintiffs stating the sexual acts took place.

Bernstein told Roland she got involved a few weeks ago after she got a phone call from one of the young men involved in the case. She explained that once she spoke with the boys she decided to get involved. Bernstein explained that her first reaction was not to “just go file a lawsuit” but to call federal authorities. She said, “I was shaken by the seriousness of these allegations.”

According to Bernstein the families of the two men moved to the area just to join the church and got to know Bishop Long through the Longfellow Academy starting when they were 14 years old. By the time they where 17 years old, according to Bernstein, Bishop Long started to change and “move toward more sexual contact. Including moving one of the young men into a home owned by a church member where certain acts occurred.”

Listen to Roland Martin’s entire TJMS interview with BJ Bernstein the attorney for the two men that have filed suit against Bishop Eddie Long.