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Some pee wee football players in Pearland Texas are seeking new role models following an ugly brawl that pitted coaches from one team against coaches from another.

“I can’t believe the coaches did that in front of us, because it sets a bad example,” said Justin Guy-Robinson, an 11-year-old who plays free safety for the Pearland Patriots.


Two Saturdays ago, Robinson’s team squared off against the Pearland Hurricanes. After the Patriots team scored a touchdown, two players began to scuffle. That’s when a Patriots coach tried to break the youngsters apart. But in the ensuing minutes, several coaches from both teams began to fight with one another. The entire scene played out before stunned players and their parents. It was also recorded on video.

“I was just shocked and was hoping it would end any minute,” said Kim Edmonsond, whose son plays defensive end for the Patriots. “Instead the fight continued and I just couldn’t believe it.”

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