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I don’t like lesbians. I never have. And except for a few random scenes in certain, ahem, movies, I’ve never even been turned on by the idea of two women getting it on.

The sweeping craze that seems to have straight men actually encouraging lesbianism with songs like Ray Lavender’s My Girl Got a Girlfriend leaves me totally baffled.

If she’s got a girlfriend Dawg, I wonder in dumb amazement, why does she need you?

Of course, I don’t mean that I dislike lesbians because they’re lesbians. I just don’t find homosexuality to be a “plus” in a female that I’m checking for.

Call me crazy.

Interestingly enough, nobody likes gay men; not even gay men, it would seem.

Realizing that our dear friend, the great Bishop Eddie Long is a well-known homophobe, we’ve now got to wonder if he’s ever looked into a mirror and been terrified.

But one thing that seems to be lost in all the scandal is the fact that, if the accusations prove true, here is a man that cheated on his wife, Vanessa Griffin Long, the mother of the couple’s four children.

And that’s no small thing.

Never mind Leviticus, if dude actually did what he’s accused of, he doesn’t even make it out of Exodus!

Chapter 20, verse 14:“Thou shalt not commit adultery”

Toss in the part from verse 17 about not coveting “thy neighbor’s servant, nor his ox, nor his ass” and I think The Lord might have a few problems with this guy.

The homosexual aspect of the Eddie Long scandal is only what makes it sensational. And that, I think, speaks more to the kind of nation we are/have become because gay accusations, allegations or facts are always greeted with a rabid fervor that can be considered nothing short of enthusiasm.

I don’t like cheaters either, however.

And it’s always unnerved me to the point of disgust whenever some married dude has actually bragged to me about cheating on his wife.

So which is the bigger sin ya’ll: the fact that Eddie Long might have gotten it on at all or the fact that the cheating was M4M?

I mean, either one would be bad, but is one worse?


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