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Yahoo Sports is reporting on Miami Dolphins’ running back Ronnie Brown’s efforts to give back to his community by speaking to teenagers at a school in Miami that has recently dealt with high profile incidents of violence.

Sadly, the situation is hardly unique. Disenfranchised, disaffected and sometimes disturbed children have been lashing out at fellow students and teachers dating back to at least the Columbine shooting in 1999. According to a video presentation by Teen Truth Live during Brown’s school visit, at least 151 students have been killed around the world in school violence since ’99. Brown is helping the organization spread its anti-violence message by sharing his 23 pieces of advice – a play on his uniform number – on how to avoid conflict.

On the other side of the class, 15-year-old Nick Mark took  inspiration from Brown and the others.

“All this has been so negative to our school, for Ronnie Brown to come to our school was so amazing,” Mark said. “It was like Christmas for me, man. It inspired me. It will get through [to the students] because it will tell them that it’s not too late. You can still jump back, look at Ronnie Brown. … The kids can relate to that because he had a hard time when he was a kid just like me. I don’t have that [many] friends here. I have two or three and I don’t get that good grades, so I can relate to that. What Ronnie said really inspired me.”

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