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Police arrested the man they say provided the gun that killed one person and injure several others at an off-campus party attended by students from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

Marcus Bascus, who was arrested 75 miles away from the scene of the murder in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., lives a block away from where the shooting occurred.


Bascus, like alleged shooter Nicholas Welch (pictured above), 25, faces murder, conspiracy, attempted murder and weapons charges.

Welch, who was arrested earlier this week, has proclaimed his innocence. He pleaded not guilty. He also agreed to submit to a DNA test. His lawyer asked that he remain in protective custody at the Essex County jail.

Killed in the shooting was 19-year-old Seton Hall honor student Jessica Moore. Police say Moore sustained a bullet to the head as she was tending to a friend who had been shot in the jaw.

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