I had the misfortune of running across an article in The Guardian from one of the most vocal and visible Tea Party members out there because…well…it really helps when he’s onscreen. In this magical article, Lloyd Marcus lays out a personal story in order to explain why he’s just so darn awesome.


“A urine smell permeated the stairwell. In the darkness due to smashed light bulbs, the sound of broken wine bottles underfoot echoed off the concrete walls. I was nine years old. With the elevators out of service half the time due to vandalism, I was forced many times to take the scary trek into the shadow of death up the stairwell to our sixth-floor apartment in the projects of east Baltimore….All I kept hearing was that everything was the “white man’s fault.” Even at the age of nine, I sarcastically thought to myself, “how can we stop these evil white people from sneaking in here at night peeing in the stairwell, leaving broken wine bottles, smashing the light bulbs and attacking people?

“So, my early experience living in the government project taught me that some folks simply have a ghetto mindset. I also witnessed the trap of government welfare. And why were so many around me angry and violent—despite getting free housing, food and healthcare?”

This is playing into the worst of what some people believe when they think of blacks and welfare. And now they have a Negro co-signing all of their thoughts and fears. He says that story was happening in the ‘50’s but doesn’t acknowledge any of the socioeconomic ripples of a horrendously oppressed people. He acts as if being on public assistance created some sort of Negrotopia where everything you could ever want was provided for you and people should have been ecstatic about it.

“Several of my cousins stayed enslaved to the system and the bigotry of low expectations. Because true self-esteem comes from personal achievement, they possessed very little. They lived angry and bitter lives, consumed with serial impregnating, out-of-wedlock births and substance abuse. An outrageously high number died prematurely.

“So, when I hear politicians, such as Barack Obama, pandering to the so-called poor of America, it turns my stomach. I’ve witnessed the deterioration of the human spirit, wasted lives and suffering that happens when government becomes “daddy.”

Yeah, scared white folks, that’s what happened. The government became daddy for the “so-called poor” and everyone just destroyed themselves.

Or not.

The idea behind Marcus’s messaging here is as silly as it is egotistical. He’s a black Tea Party member because he sees “THE TRUTH.” He’s not like us brainwashed black folk who want nothing more than to suckle at the tit of the government. He’s so enlightened he would join a questionable political movement with the diversity of a gallon of vanilla ice cream. The government providing assistance destroys lives, according to Marcus. Once the government helps, you go around making babies and doing drugs!

Funny thing, though: When I was growing up my family had moments when we were on public assistance. I grew up in the middle of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, during the crack epidemic of the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s. I was surrounded by four different projects that ranged from across the street to about four blocks in distance. I knew a lot of people on public assistance or “welfare.” Some folks decided that was how they were going to live their lives, but a lot of other people didn’t want that for themselves at all. It wasn’t a sign of pride that you were on public assistance.

I remember going to the store and having to pay for food with food stamps and the absolute embarrassment that came along with it. But I lived surrounded by mostly projects and people receiving government aid. According to Marcus, all of our spirits had been deteriorated. Why would anyone care about how they were perceived?

Why was my family on welfare, you ask? Obviously we enjoyed living off of the government! At the age of fourteen I was shot (while attending school in the affluent neighborhood of Turtle Bay in Manhattan, NYC) and my mother had to look after me with hospital appointments and such. This caused her to lose her job and she couldn’t immediately get another one, hence she went on public assistance. The government didn’t act as “daddy.” The government provided help when the situation was dire.

But that’s not a good story to sell the whole “evil government” and “brown folk are taking your tax money.” Lloyd Marcus is a black guy in the Tea Party because he feels he’s smarter than everyone. He feels that he sees the truth and that although most people think the message that the Tea Party is sending is bat-shit crazy and that blacks participating in it is even crazier, he knows better. He’s not blinded by pesky things like history and facts. He’s a star amongst them because he legitimizes their inane commentary. He’s a black Tea Party patriot because he needs the feeling of superiority that going against the common sense grain gives him.

Too bad for him that he wasn’t the only Negro to make it out of the hood. There are a lot of us who have no problems calling him on all of his bullshit.


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