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When I read about the actions of Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, I couldn’t hold back the laughter. Honestly, the words “Hayell to the naw,” came to mind when I read that Mrs. Thomas asked Anita Hill, the attorney who testified to Thomas’ hornier tendencies, to apologize for what she said about her husband in public.

To be more specific, Ginni Thomas appears to be firmly convinced that Anita Hill was out to smear her loving Clarence by telling stories about sexual harassment that took place in their collective workplace.  The hearings captured the attention of all of America, with stories of “Long Dong Silver” and pubic hair filling the airwaves.  It was all just a big ol mess.

Here we are, nearly 20 years later.  Clarence has fulfilled his destiny to become the most buffoonish character in the history of the Supreme Court.  Nearly every African American who supported him in 1991 seriously regrets their decision.  Anita has disappeared to become a law professor at Brandeis University.  Most of us had even forgotten about the strange stories that were told during those hearings.  We could have forgiven Clarence for being a pervert, but it’s much more difficult to forgive him for working with conservatives to roll the civil rights clock backward.

Anita did the right thing and forwarded the harassing message to the F.B.I.  Ginni Thomas may want to slow down a little bit, for her strong public actions only end up embarrassing her husband instead of supporting him.  She has openly rallied for conservative causes and insulted President Obama by calling him a tyrant.  To know that one of our Supreme Court justices sleeps each night with such a radical political figure is nothing less than disturbing.

I also wonder if Clarence’s wife is being fooled like so many other women across America who worship the ground their husbands walk on.  Anita Hill came across as a very credible witness, and her stories seemed to add up.  For Thomas’ wife to simply assume that Anita Hill was lying might prove that she is not only undisciplined and unintelligent, she is flat out delusional.  Perhaps Clarence should have chosen a better wife.


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