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From TheGrio:

What would you do if your 5-year-old son decided he wanted to dress up like a girl or your 5-year-old daughter wanted to be a tomboy? It’s an issue that some parents may be grappling with as Halloween approaches. The Internet is still abuzz about how Dean and Cheryl Kilodavis responded when their youngest son began displaying an affinity for girls clothing. Initial reaction to the Kilodavis family’s story ranged from agreement with their unwavering support of their son to strong condemnation. And while experts who have weighed in on the case praised them as parents, for a response that they deem appropriate given their circumstances, many others remain unconvinced that what the Kilodavis’ are doing is right.

In an interview with KING 5 TV, the Seattle NBC affiliate, Cheryl Kilodavis explained when Dyson first began showing his preferences for girls clothing.

“Dyson was almost two years old when he started having kind of a unique eye for everything beautiful. So, anything pink or sparkly, he just had a really, really great eye for anything that was just, beautiful,” she said.

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