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Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories have been increasingly echoing those of 9/11 truther and anti New World Order conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones, who had previously been a harsh critic of Beck, putting out a DVD, “The Glenn Beck Deception, but now is praising Beck. Jones made a statement on Beck saying:

I salute you, you are trailblazing, you are reaching tens of millions of people every week with the truth.”You are beginning to get on the right side of history,I’m really flattered, actually, that my research, my ideas, are having such an effect through you.

Mediamatters has found several similarities in the rhetoric and conspiracy theories of both Beck and Jones, including  attacks on the Tides Foundation, a fear of global government or “New World Order” and various conspiracies based around the  the IMF, United Nations, Federal Reserve and the Council Of Foreign Relations. Both men were inspirations for right wing terrorist, Byron Williams who planned on mass murdering members of the Beck and Jones maligned institutions, the ACLU and the Tides Foundation.

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