In the days leading up to the midterm elections, we at NewsOne wanted to take the time to focus on three Black Midterm Election candidates and their social media strategies.

Kendrick Meek (Florida)

Kendrick Meek’s Twitter page has been extremely active leading up to the Midterm Elections. He has been going back and forth with Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade, who is one of his main supporters in the state of Florida. Meek contributes close to 4-5 tweets on a daily basis revolving around his campaign and appearances.

Facebook page has close to 25,000 likes

Facebook page

Twitter page has 6,000 followers

Twitter page

Political support: While has received support from Bill Clinton and President Obama, it has never come in the form of a TV or a formal endorsement.

Chances of winning: While his chances looked good a few months ago, they are now looking slim; and many are looking for him to drop out of the race.

Joyce Elliott (Arkansas)

Joyce Elliott (running for Congress in Arkansas) is by far the most active Twitter user of the three. She retweets a lot of her followers who are supporters. She is the only candidate who is updating close to 10 times a day with articles and personal campaign notes.

Facebook has 4,000 likes

Facebook page

Twitter has 700 followers

Twitter page

Political support: Former President Bill Clinton and several Congressional Black Caucus members have traveled to Arkansas to stump for Elliott

Chances of winning: Uphill battle

Tim Scott (Republican for Congress in South Carolina)

Tim Scott is the candidate that uses social media the least as there have been breaks on his Facebook and Twitter account for weeks. As the Republican candidate, that really doesn’t surprise you considering their base is much older. He has recently begun to take a more active approach with both sites approaching election time.

Facebook: 5,000 friends

Facebook page

Twitter: 1200 followers

Twitter page

Political battle: House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), Alabama House Speaker Bobby Harrell, and Club for Growth, a conservative super-PAC

Chances of winning seat: He is currently running unopposed

Charles Barron (Independent Candidate for Governor of NY)

Charles Barron has launched a grass-roots campaign. He is currently not on Twitter. He has an unauthorized Facebook page, but it only has 53 likes at the moment.

Political battle: Many New Yorkers view him as a racist

Chances of winning seat: While he has tapped the soul of many Black New Yorkers, it doesn’t consist of the rainbow that is New York. His chances of winning are close to none.

Terri A. Sewell (Alabama)

Sewell’s Facebook and Twitter strategy has been pretty weak to date. She has failed to update both social networking sites on a consistent basis.

Facebook Likes: 800

Facebook page

Twitter Followers: 201

Twitter page

Political support: President Barack Obama, EMILY’s list, outgoing Rep. Artur Davis, Birmingham News

Chances of winning: Sewell is predicted to win the election handily

Hansen Clarke (Michigan)

Hansen Clarke is one of the youngest candidates in the race. He currently has a Facebook page with 322 likes and a Twitter page with only 133 followers. Despite this, he is slated to win the race in his Detroit district.

Twitter followers: 150

Twitter page

Facebook: He currently doesn’t have a Facebook page.

Facebook page

Political support: Detroit Free Press, Michigan Public Transit Association

Chances of winning: Clarke is expected to win this seat.

Cedric Richmond (Louisiana)

Running for: Congress in Louisiana

Cedric Richmond is one of the youngest candidates in this race and has exhibited in his Twitter/Facebook strategy. He has updated frequently and even re-tweeted and answered some of the comments from his supporters.

Twitter followers: 700

Twitter page

Faecbook likes:e 2700

Facebook page

Political support: President Barack Obama has endorsed Richmond in a campaign ad. Other endorsements have come from House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-South Carolina), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana), New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, United Teachers of New Orleans, Louisiana Independent Federation of Elections, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Chances of winning: A Public Policy Polling survey commissioned by Daily Kos shows Richmond leading Cao by 11 points.

Credit to on the political support and chances of winning.

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