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By Michael Tapia

Nomad is the term used for those who do not have a fixed home, with that established it seems like the same can be said about Randy Moss. Moss who started the season with the New England Patriots was traded after just four games this season has been released by yet another team four games later, ironically so.

After a brief four game stint with the Minnesota Vikings, Moss had to pack his bags again after being waived by the organization that welcomed him to the National Football League in 1998. After what is being looked at as a public relations disaster, Moss’ second depart from Minnesota is just as controversial as the first one. With Coach Childress publicly saying, “It was a poor decision” and classifying him as a “programmatic non-fit” it is more than evident that bringing Moss for a second tenure was a mistake and it has become public relations debacle.

Speculation only leads to believe that the relationship between the wide receiver and the organization were extremely rocky when in the process the Vikings lost a 3rd round draft, which they sent to New England in the blockbuster deal that brought the wide receiver back to Minnesota. Assumption can only give way to believing that the Vikings were more than fed up with Moss when they decided to waive him instead of trying to get a draft pick in return of the seven-time pro-bowler. As if the talent lost that the team suffered was not enough, the head coach had no other choice but to publicly admit that it was the wrong move.

Unfortunately, things did not result as planned for the Vikings who lost three out of four while Moss was in the squad, ironically, including their match up against the Patriots [team that traded Moss to the Vikings] in week 8. Obviously, he was not the winning compliment that Minnesota needed to add to an offense that includes pro-bowlers like Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Brett Favre.

Now, Moss is heading to the Tennessee Titans, team that has dealt with their fair share of controversial players like Adam “Pac-Man” Jones and Terry “Tank” Johnson. With Moss about to play for his third team this year and the fourth of his career it is evident that the teams are not the problem and his talent isn’t either as he keeps raising interest.

The question now posses, can Randy Moss help a team that includes talents like Chris Johnson and Vince Young on offense and Stephen Tulloch and Jason Babin on defense or will his controversial character be a distraction. The talent is definitely there, but the Titans better hope that all the negative publicity and vibe that has been following Moss does not become an issue.

Moss who was traded to the Oakland Raiders played two years with them before landing in New England in 2007. While in New England Moss won Super Bowl XLII but earlier this season he was traded to New England due to low productivity. Four games later he was waived and he is immediately picked up with this said it is safe to say that Randy Moss is the nomad of the league.


Vikings, Patriots both win in Randy Moss deal.

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