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Georgia (DailyMail) — A teenager was stomped, kicked and punched to death at a weekend house party after police say he walked by a group who decided to pounce on the next person who passed by. Four have been charged with murder.

District Attorney David McDade said the four, who appeared in court Monday, were charged with murder in the death of 18-year-old Bobby Tillman early Sunday in Douglas County, west of Atlanta.

The fatal beating happened after a fight broke out between two females and two males at a house party, and one of the females hit a male, said Douglas County Maj. Tommy Wheeler said. He said the man said he wouldn’t retaliate against a girl, but he would hit the next man that walked by.

Tillman happened to be the unlucky person, and Wheeler said multiple attackers beat and stomped him. Deputies arriving at the scene tried to administer CPR to the teen, but he didn’t survive.

“It’s amazing,” said Wheeler. “He had nothing to do with anything, they just decided he’s the one. And they killed him.”

Tillman’s mother, Monique Rezaida, said she wants justice for her son.

“He was my only son. He was my best friend. He was an angel here on earth and I was blessed to be his mother,” said

“My son did not die in vain. My son is a silent hero. He touched so many lives I didn’t know about. Bobby was a ray of sunshine through every dark cloud.”

McDade called the killing senseless: “Senseless is the only word I can use to describe it. It is an absolutely unprovoked, senseless killing.”

Douglas County Coroner Randy Daniel said Monday Tillman died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest.

The four who appeared Monday at an initial hearing in the killing of Tillman were identified as Quantez Devonta Mallory, Horace Damon Coleman, Emanuel Benjamin Boykins and Tracen Lamar Franklin.

The judge informed the defendants they would have to obtain council. None of the four spoke at the hearing.

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