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South Carolina– A Charleston jury deliberated four hours before returning a verdict of guilty of criminal sexual conduct and burglary for former NFL running back David Meggett.

Meggett’s attorney Beattie Butler said in his closing arguments that the victim lied about being raped by Meggett. He said the attack never happened. Butler also said the state presented insufficient evidence against Meggett.

Meggett’s attorney argued the sex between the two was as repayment for debt.

The victim owed Megget $200 which she had not been able to pay until the night of the rape. The victim said that Megget showed up at her home around midnight and asked for the money but the victim couldn’t pay. In response, according to the victim, Megget told her “he was going to take a down payment now” and proceeded to sexually assault the victim. The victim said that Megget ‘grabbed her throat, pinned her arm behind her back and had forcible intercourse with her.’


42 year old Meggett is charged with raping a 21-year old college student in her dormitory room in January 2009.

In addition to the 30-year sentence, the judge says Meggett will be placed on a sex offender registry.

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