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It’s a brand new day in America. As we kick-off the New Year, it’s clear that we need a resolution: Change. Between the economic crisis, the war, global warming and the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we have no choice but to switch it up. Fortunately, we have a leader. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, is here to navigate, direct and support us. It’s incredible that he is an African American and breaking down racial and cultural barriers along the way. But most importantly, he is a visionary. From January 14 to January 22, will be covering the “celebrity + style + culture” surrounding this man and this occasion. In honor of Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, a historical event of seismic proportions, we present: A New Day. — Emil Wilbekin, Editor-in-Chief, GIANT MAGAZINE


Usher’s “New Day”

Chris Paul’s “New Day”

Akon’s “New Day”

Bow Wow’s “New Day”

Mary Mary’s “A New Day”

Carmelo Anthony’s “A New Day”

Keri Hilson’s “A New Day”

La La Vazquez’s “A New Day”

D’Angelo’s “A New Day”

Obama Hip Hop Tracks

A New Day: Inaugural Playlist

In the Key of B

Inauguration Performances

Singing for the Prez

Hip-Hop Is Not Invited!

Inaugural Concerts

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First Kids Style

Inaugural Looks for Lady Obama

The First Tailor

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Belles of the Balls

Michelle Gets Birthday Bling

Looks For Less: Inauguration Style

Red, White & Blue: Corny or Cute?

Inaugural Greatest Pix


Obama’s New Ride

Call to Service

Spider-Man Swings with Obama

Inaugural Balls and Galas

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Presidential Portrait

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Leader of the New School

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Presidential Palate

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