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Week 11 was hideous for Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young who created a public relations debacle for himself and the organization. Young has been having a tough time dealing with his frustration lately after a tendon injury in his right thumb that now needs season ending injury. After being 5-2 and holding the AFC South lead everything has unraveled for what seemed like a playoff bound Titans team. Now the 5-5 Titans are going through rocky times after losing three in a row to the Chargers, Dolphins and Washington Football Team respectively.

Young’s anguish started in Week 10 when Coach Jeff Fisher picked the more experienced Kerry Collins over him. According to Young, what distressed him about the situation was that he felt physically ready to start. Unfortunately, Fisher’s plan of starting Collins over Young did not work as the Titans lost to the Dolphins 29-17.

To make matters worse, Young went on a frenzy at the end of a heartbreaking overtime lost to the Washington Washington Football Team on Sunday. Young who tore the flexor tendon in his right thumb late in the third quarter against the skins was replaced by rookie quarterback Rusty Smith. Young did not take the move lightly as he threw his protective gear to the stands in protest. According to reports, the quarterback also threw his jersey to the stands but denied those allegations by saying, that he was simply giving it to the daughter of Titan’s executive vice president Tom MacLachlan. He said he did it as an act of gratitude adding, “She’s been very supportive of me and I wanted to give it to her as a sign of thanks because she knows what I’m going through.” According to Fisher, Young threw half of his uniform to the stands to what the quarterback responded as such:

“I throw my shoes into the stands after every game, my hat into the stands after every game, my wristbands into the stands after every game,” Young said. “If it’s a problem, I’ll pay for my jersey.”

Differences between Fisher and Young continued when Fisher asked him to be quiet and according to a source in the room, the quarterback got dressed and walked out – to what Fisher voiced to stop and not to “run out on your teammates,” sources told The Tennessean. Young told Fisher, “I’m not running out on my teammates, I’m running out on you,” the paper said

The fiasco continued as Young was exiting the premises when he disregarded his safety and former University of Texas teammate Michael Griffin who chased him to the player parking lot. Griffin reportedly pleaded with Young, “You can’t leave, you can’t do this,” before Young shrugged and left.

Now, it has been reported that he is out for the season in need of surgery in his throwing hand and he will be placed in the injured reserve list by the end of the week.

It is evident that Vince Young wants to desperately be the leader of his team and that the lack of confidence from his coach got the best him. With so many mishaps in the last three weeks, it is no surprise that Young exploded the way he did. What does this say about his character? With Young injured and unable to contribute to his team success how will this affect his frustration?


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