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Nation — Thanksgiving is here and with it the competition for television ratings by the different leagues. The NBA is definitely saving its goodies for the Christmas and New Year holidays and letting the NFL take this one by only hosting two games. As usual since 2006, the NFL is hosting three games. The first game scheduled for lunchtime at 12:30 PM EST, the second at 4:15 PM EST, and the last to be enjoyed with the turkey at dinnertime at 8:20PM EST.

Surprisingly the NBA threw in the towel this Thanksgiving by not featuring any of their top tier teams like the, Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Magic or Nuggets. Interestingly, the NBA is not even worried about competing with the NFL during the lunchtime and afternoon slots by only offering two games, one at 8:00 PM EST, and the other at 10:30 PM EST. Sorry to disappoint the basketball fans out there but the Atlanta Hawks is as good as it gets this Thanksgiving. The more appealing game of the two will be played between the Washington Wizards (5-8) and the Atlanta Hawks (8-7). For those in the West Coast the NBA is offering the Sacramento Kings (4-9) and Los Angeles Clippers (2-13).

The NFL is spoiling their fans with a more competitive calendar that features two of the league’s best Their primetime match-up is between the New York Jets (8-2) who will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals (2-8) at 8:20 PM EST. Ironically, the Detroit Lions (2-8) will be hosting the New England (8-2) at 12:30 PM EST. At 4:15 PM EST America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys (3-7) will receive the Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints (7-3).

As is tradition in the NFL, the Lions and the Cowboys will be playing and ironically, this year all three games consist of teams with inverted records. The NFL deserves credit for assembling an appealing Thanksgiving menu comprised of competitive teams that have a good chance of making the playoffs.

In essence, the NBA simply low-balled their fans this Thanksgiving by scheduling fewer games than the NFL and providing sub-par teams. It is shameful for the NBA to only have one team over .500 and barely over the mark by one game at that (Atlanta Hawks), playing on such an important date when most of the nation has the day off from work and is looking forward to find a good match-up on television. The NBA should definitely give their fans better teams and more games to watch next Thanksgiving.

On this Thanksgiving to all the football and basketball fans, enjoy the turkey and the Wizards vs. Hawks or the Bengals vs. Jets. Let us be thankful for living in such fructiferous and great nation that celebrates Thanksgiving and allows us to enjoy a succulent meal with our love ones and the technology to read stories like these. In this instance, let us also be thankful for having the best football and basketball leagues in the world.


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