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New York — Victor Mooney is hoping the third time’s the charm for his one-man journey to raise AIDS awareness.

The Queens man is planning to row a boat solo from Africa to New York as part of his quixotic campaign to fight the deadly disease.

Mooney’s already failed twice before, but this time he’s determined to make the 5,000 mile trek safely.

“Until there’s a cure, we can’t give up in this fight for AIDS,” said the Forest Hills resident, who showed off his new boat “Never Give Up” at a Brooklyn marina Sunday.

Mooney, 45, is mounting the effort in honor of his brother who died of AIDS and another brother who is living with the disease.

He once planned to start his five-month journey on Wednesday, which is World AIDS Day.

Instead, he decided to launch a campaign to get 5,000 people to Tweet their names to him, one for each of the miles he hopes to travel.

The 17-foot boat, fitted out with solar powered batteries, internet, and fancy desalinization equipment, has to be shipped to Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of West Africa, where he will start the trek in several weeks.

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