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Nation — I had been running away from scissors all of my life.

“Just skim my ends,” I’d tell every hair dresser who dared bring scissors near my shoulder length “Oprah hair.” It was my look, my broadcast reporter look — even before I was a broadcaster. So it seemed unbelievably surreal that one year ago I took scissors to my own beloved tresses and cut, cut, cut…until I had a 1/2 inch Afro. I was tired of the time and money that went into maintaining the look. In an impulsive instant I made the decision to “go natural,” and it continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

It takes guts to wear kinky hair in the television news biz, an industry that fawns over “the look.” So last week, I was overjoyed when I saw another fellow broadcaster take the plunge.

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