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Illinois — Many Illinois representatives and senators stood up in recent days to voice either their support or opposition to the state’s recently passed civil unions bill.

Some talked about how the bill would impact them personally, others said it would contribute to the decline of American civilization. But, as usual, Sen. Rickey “Hollywood” Hendon put on quite a show–giving the Senate chamber some real talk.


“I hate the hypocrisy,” Hendon said, reacting to those opposed to the bill. “Aren’t you sick of the hypocrisy by now? When I sit here and I hear adulterers and womanizers and folks cheating on their wives and down low brothers saying they’re gonna vote against this bill. . .it turns my stomach. The hypocrisy.”

Hendon mentioned Rep. Ron Stephens’ claim that the accepting “open homosexuality” contributed to the fall of Rome, and also called out members of the state senate who tried to make the issue about underfunded pensions.

“It’s just fairness, ya’ll,” Hendon said. “That’s all.”

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