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Chicago — A federal judge today ordered the two remaining families living in a Cabrini Green high rise to move out of the building within 10 days, allowing the Chicago Housing Authority to move forward with demolition plans.
The final seven families at 1230 N. Burling St. had agreed last week to vacate the building on Tuesday, but when the moving trucks arrived, two families backed out of the deal, according to the motion filed by CHA.

The CHA had sought an emergency building closure order, claiming that it was unsafe and dangerous to have only two families living in the 15-story high rise built to house 134 families, and that it was an extreme financial burden to maintain heat, services and security.

“Imagine it at night with one light on the fourth floor and one light on the eleventh,” said Scott Ammarell, general counsel for the CHA. “That says it all.”

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Cabrini Green housing project closes down

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