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PENSACOLA – Racial and sexual slurs strung together in an internet ad trying to recruit members through weekly meetings.

The Craigslist post suggests the group wants to committ hate crimes they’re planning in a weekly meeting at a Pensacola bar.

But, as Channel Three’s Liz Nagy reports, the managers there have no idea.

The group is called Burning Cross Riders of the South and in an ad posted on the internet with hateful words about African-Americans and homosexuals they said they claimed they were going to use this place of worship over the weekend to fund their hate.

It’s a sort of want ad rallying hate and anger, using appalling phrases that start with n and f.

“It seems to be a white supremicist hate group that wanted to stir up the community.”

That’s where it was posted, under the groups section of the community link on Craig’s List Pensacola sometime last week.

December second someone alerted First Methodist Church that the Burning Cross Riders claimed they’d be raising money at an all day yard sale there this past Saturday.


“We feel we were targeted because we’re known for having a very open congregation…”

In the ad the alleged hate group is also soliciting membership, inviting anyone to participate at weekly meetings here at the Azalea Lounge on Davis Street.

“This is circulating on the internet- people this think is happening.”

“It’s just ridiculous. I know nothing about this group. There’s no meetings here.”

And at these weekly meetings, the ad says Burning Cross Riders of the South members are planning what they call “nightime distractions” to quote “rid our city of…. blanks… And blanks…” using racial and sexual slurs in the sentence.

“How is it we’ve even been compared to this at all?”

“We go to extremes to project just the opposite- put forth a lot of energy to have a wide variety of clientelle.”

Even though it’s no longer up on the internet, the Azalea Lounge staff is appalled by the ad, and preparing to combat it’s image in the event if anyone shows up.

“I would expect we might be ready Thursday night in case something bad happens.”

“We have zero tolerance for racism.”

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