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Every time McCain is asked about negative ads towards Obama he says, ‘Well, if Obama just agreed to join me in my town hall meetings,’ I wouldn’t be running such a negative, deceitful campaign. Are these the same townhall meetings where McCain kicked a black reporter out for no other apparent reason than the color of his skin? Are these the same townhall meeetings where McCain had an elderly woman arrested for having a sign that said ‘Mccain=Bush’? Is Mccain offended by the comparison to the President he supported and proudly voted with 90% of the time?

The Huffington Post has reported that McCain stacks his town hall meetings with supporters. George Bush used the same tactic of filling his town hall meetings with Republican Bush supporters in 2004. These town hall meetings are little more than a Republican propaganda tool to show support while ignoring crucial questions. Would it really have been advantageous for Obama to participate in town hall meetings stacked with McCain supporters?

Maybe this is why every pundit says McCain is a horrible speaker but is really comfortable in town hall meetings. I’d be comfortable, too, if I knew I was going to get questions from my most enthusiastic supporters.

I guess McCain’s town hall meetings proved exactly what the old woman said at one of these meetings: ‘Bush=McCain.’

Watch McCain Use the Town Hall Meeting Excuse for His Negative Ads

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