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Uganda –Rachel Maddow devoted almost half of her Wednesday show to a lengthy interview with David Bahati, author of the infamous bill in the Ugandan Parliament that calls for gay people to face life imprisonment or, in some cases, execution if they are convicted of having practiced homosexuality.

Bahati is also a member of The Family, the religious organization that carries substantial power on Capitol Hill. Before playing her interview with him, Maddow recounted some of the history of anti-gay legislation in the United States, and pointed out that they all had one thing in common: their claim that gay people were trying to “recruit” children into homosexuality.

In the eighteen-minute interview, Bahati used the same reasoning to explain his thinking behind the bill. He said he has a “passion for children” and wanted to protect them from homosexuality. He also said that, while he understood that many in the United States might see being gay as a human right, “we don’t believe it’s a human right in Uganda.”

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Ugandan paper proposes hanging of gays

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