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Australia — While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange prepares to fight extradition in a British court, it may not help his defense that newly released photos of the data center storing the document-dumping website’s files cast Assange as a James Bond villain.

Photos of the Pionen high-security computer storage facility in Stockholm showcase a “floating” conference room, designer furniture, decorative waterfalls and engines from old German U-boats that serve as backup generators, all housed in an old Cold War nuclear bunker, according to an account in London’s Daily Mail.

The underground facility stores the secret State Department cables causing headaches for U.S. diplomats around the world as well as the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs WikiLeaks distributed earlier this year, the Daily Mail reported.

Other companies also use the dozens of computer servers at Pionen, which opened in the cave location after a remodel by a Swedish architect who was inspired by Sir Kenneth Adams’ sets in Bond films, the Daily Mail reported.

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