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Philadelphia — I can’t wait for Michael Vick to once again stand before the judge and jury. Can’t wait for him to get just what he has coming to him for all of the heinous and egregious acts he’s committed this Fall.

But this is not what you think, not by a long shot.

Released from prison 19 months ago after serving 18 months for his for his role in a dog fighting ring, Vick will soon have another life-altering verdict rendered that will, once again, transform his life most excellently.

At some point this off-season, if labor strife can be avoided by the NFL and its Players Association, some billionaire team owner is going to do what would have been seen as unthinkable some four years after Vick was led — manacled and shackled like an animal — into the foreboding walls of Leavenworth maximum security prison.

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Christians should love Michael Vick

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