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Recently, Fox News, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly have attacked Jay Z for his song ‘My President is Black’, originally a Young Jeezy song but Jay Z made his own version. The rappers were called high profile supporters of Barack Obama,  the song was called racist, Jay Z was accused of bigotry and Obama was asked to denounce Jay Z.

To, me Jay-Z’s version of My President is Black is uplifting song of sentiment of pride of the black community. There is nothing racist about it. While Jay Z’s lyrics have at times been materialistic, violent and misogynist,  it seems as if Barack Obama has had a very positive effect on Jay Z and he has turned to making positive, uplifting music for the time being. Barack Obama had previously said he liked Jay Z’s music, but was troubled by its materialism and misogyny and worried about the effects it might have on his daughters. Has any Republican other than Michael Steele publicly spoken out against Limbaugh’s racism?

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller also bashed Jay Z and Young Jeezy for My President is Black. This is funny because just a few days earlier Bill O’Reilly was defending the Rush Limbaugh for his Barack the Magical Negro Parody. Miller and O’Reilly criticized the song as being vulgar. While Young Jeezy and Jay Z might have some profanities, it was far more benign than O’Reilly’s off camera outbursts or his graphic sexual harassment of co-workers.

Fox News also had resident bigot, Limbaugh on for a benign interview with co-bigot, Sean Hannity. Did Hannity question Limbaugh at all about his racism? No. It was a very friendly interview in which Limbaugh was allowed to further promote his racist agenda.

Why doesn’t Fox News call on the GOP to condemn Limbaugh, if they are calling for Barack Obama to renounce Jay Z for his ‘racist’ song “My President is Black” Shouldn’t they call on the GOP to renounce Limbaugh. Their defense of satire might be acceptable if it was Borat singing Barack the Magical Negro or if Rush was an actor playing a bigot, but Rush’s long history of mean spirited racism whether humorous, degrading or both shows his real intentions.

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Rush Limbaugh’s ties to the GOP are way stronger than Jay-Z’s ties to Barack Obama. Fox attempted to connect Jay Z to Obama by mentioning that he was an invited guest to inauguration because his wife, Beyonce, performed. Limbaugh, however was one of Bush’s last guests to the White House, Bush has appeared several times on his show, as has Sarah Palin, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and several other high profile Republicans. Limbaugh’s ties to the GOP are strong enough that Obama has asked them to stop listening to him.

We are in a new era. If Fox wants to criticize Hip Hop, they must also criticize Limbaugh. Limbaugh has said that he wasnts Obama to fail, meaning he wants America to fail with Obama. Isnt that America hating, Hannity? Shouldn’t you call out the lynch mob, O’Reilly? If being proud to have a Black President is racist, isn’t demeaning our president as a Magic Negro racist too? I have already outlined why the GOP must denounce Limbaugh, now its Fox’s turn.