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Washington — Late last week, a Bloomberg poll found that 51 percent of Americans believe they are worse off under Pres. Obama, while 35 percent believe they are better off. While the poll didn’t break down their findings by race, we decided to do so ourselves.

A recent BlackPlanet/NewsOne poll with close to 2,000 respondents scattered across the country found that 67 percent of Black America believes they are better off under Pres. Obama, while 33 percent believe they are worse off. There are many African-Americans who feel Pres. Obama is getting a bad rap and has done a good job, while many just defend him out of racial allegiance. Then, there are your supporters who have turned sour on Obama with the Black unemployment rate at 16 percent.

Do you feel you’re better off since Obama took office or worse off?


Majority of Americans say they’re worse off since Pres. Obama took office

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