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New York — I am still not sure if I believe what Celestrellas is reporting, but if it’s true, superstar music group Aventura is no more. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Max, Romeo, Henry and Lenny go their separate ways (breakup rumors have been flying for years), it would still be a major blow to bachata fans.

According to the gossip site, Romeo broke the news to AOL Music a few days after the group’s aptly-titled “The Last” tour wrapped up in Puerto Rico. The vibrant frontman has been known to spew out controversial comments that don’t always come true, but the facts do seem to support this latest rumor.

Henry plans to release a solo album next February; Max has been busy shepherding new acts, such as El Soprano (leading to speculations that he’s planning a record label launch with Lenny); and Romeo announced his own solo album at the same time that he reportedly dropped news about the split.

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